Press Release: NW Food Processors Association Expo


RapidMade™ attends the 98th Annual Northwest Food Processors Association’s Annual Expo

January 24, 2012 – Portland, Oregon – RapidMade, an additive manufacturing firm, recently attended the Northwest Food Processors Association’s 98th Annual Expo, also known as the “SOLUTIONS Marketplace” in Portland, Oregon. The expo is the largest regional food manufacturing show in North America, attracting not only food processing industry professionals from the Pacific Northwest, but also from various regions of the U.S. and Canada.

RapidMade’s appearance at the show proved to be a success, bringing additive manufacturing, small batch supply, and JIT part supply options to food processing industry CEOs, plant managers, purchasing managers, production and quality assurance managers, engineers, and sales/marketing managers. Mark Eaton, Founder/CEO of Rapid Made and a 20-year veteran in the food processing industry explains the industry’s interest, “Future success will depend upon a company’s ability to increase speed to market and provide greater customization at a lower cost. RapidMade™ can help Food Processors and OEMs compete by providing advanced manufacturing services to produce parts and products in the shortest possible time.

For additional information contact:

Erin Stone

Business Development Director

2828 SW Corbett Avenue, #121

Portland, Oregon



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