Press Release: RapidMade™ Joins Portland State Business Accelerator


RapidMade™ Joins Portland State Business Accelerator in Suite 121

February 2, 2012 – Portland, Oregon – RapidMade, an additive manufacturing firm, moved into its official space in Suite 121 at the Portland State Business Accelerator on 1/31/12.

RapidMade™ focuses on the design and manufacture of customized products for small and medium sized businesses using advanced/additive manufacturing and engineering techniques.  Traditionally, the competitive advantages that additive manufacturing offers are available only to large corporations, but RapidMade™ is changing that model, making 20-50% cost savings, small batch supply, JIT parts, and material optimization a reality for many Pacific Northwest companies.

The Portland State Business Accelerator (PSBA) is a “business incubator and accelerator, providing space and business development support to start-up science and technology companies.” Joining this organization marks a significant accomplishment for RapidMade™, since Portland State University estimates that 40% of all venture capital coming into Oregon in 2010 was given to companies housed in the accelerator.

To join the PSBA, companies must meet a variety of specific criteria before undergoing a rigorous application process. However, the benefits are well worth it. A recent study by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) and several universities found that businesses participating in a university-run incubator program have a success rate of approximately 80% over a five-year period compared to a success rate of 20% for non-incubated businesses.

As a member of this entrepreneurial community, RapidMade™ collaborates with cutting edge companies; can utilize new research and development advances from PSU faculty and students; and has access to focal Portland Development Commission business sectors.

For additional information contact:

Erin Stone

2828 SW Corbett Avenue

Portland, Oregon



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