Cool Desk Gadgets: the Gear Cube

Check out this cool gadget made from Objet VeroClear transparent material:


2 thoughts on “Cool Desk Gadgets: the Gear Cube

  1. This seems really fun but I just want to know how can a cool desk gadget like this help? It looks fun though. I’m just curious.

    • rapidmade says:


      Thanks for the comment! What we’re trying to show by sharing this video is the power of 3D printing. This cube comes out of the 3D printer fully assembled, with multiple interlocking gears. Because we can print objects with multiple moving & stationary pieces we are now able to make parts that previously had a 7-8 step assembly process in as little as 1-2 steps. This saves our clients time and money in many applications. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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