8 Reasons Why Start-ups Rock

Not to brag or anything, but I love interning here at RapidMade.

I’ve been able to perform a ridiculously wide scope of work, talk to every single employee, and hear about all the different functions and departments of our company on a daily basis. Not only have I learned a lot through all of these experiences, but I’ve spent most of everyday LAUGHING and ENJOYING MYSELF as I work (“What?!” I can hear you exclaiming.)

But it’s true. The atmosphere here at RapidMade is a wonderful balance between working to fulfill our established goals and having the freedom to dictate the methods through which we achieve them. This leads to a workspace infused with positive energy, creativity, a focused sense of purpose, and the desire to be productive. This article explains- much better than I ever will- the plethora of benefits and opportunities of working for a start-up company.

8 Reasons To Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job




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