University of Glasgow Experiments with 3D Printing Customized Drugs

In an article published by BBC on Wednesday, we found out that scientists at the University of Glasgow are attempting to use 3D printing to create drugs and other chemicals. Currently, researchers have created a variety of “organic compounds and inorganic clusters- some of which are used to create cancer treatments.” This same technology could eventually be used to create customized medicines. Researchers anticipate this will be the case for pharmaceutical firms within the next five years, and available to the public within 20 years.

“We’re extrapolating from that to say that in the future you could buy common chemicals, slot them into something that 3D prints, just press a button to mix the ingredients and filter them through the architecture and at the bottom you would get out your prescription drug.”

If this endeavor proves to be successful, future development could yield big changes in access to healthcare. Scientists allude to a world in which “doctors and individuals could ultimately download pre-set recipes and even tailor medicines to their individual needs.”



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