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Tony Stark uses 3D Printing for Iron Man Suit

We all know Iron Man has the latest and greatest gadgets. A look behind the scenes shows that “Genius, Billionare, Playboy, Philanthropist” Tony Stark.. I mean, Iron Man 2 producers.. used 3D Printing to make his suit as real as possible for the Iron Man 2 Movie! This reduced cost, suit build lead time, and made it look as real as possible!

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Robots can now 3D Print their own tools on the SPOT!

This Robot is fully equipped to be a mini-3D-Printer! The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich has developed a robot that can print itself any part it needs (within reason) whenever it needs it! For example, if the robot needs a flathead screwdriver instead of a phillips, it is completely capable of doing so.

So what’s next on the agenda? Programming it to think for itself about what part it needs…

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Image Credit – ETH Zurich

Combining Additive and Aerospace

Additive manufacturing technology saves money in the aerospace industry by reducing weight and material usage. Advancements in this technology allow designers and engineers to be more innovative when addressing issues of weight reduction. We think these latticed structures are awesome! What do you think?

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Democratize Creativity

3D Printing is not only a viable tool to prototyping, part replacement, and heavy hitters in the business world. It’s now becoming something that ANYONE with a creative idea can utilize to make their dream a reality.

3D Printed: Guitars, Sculptures, Toys, Parts, Mashed Potatoes?!, Chocolate, etc…

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Photo Courtesy of: Jaymi Heimbuch

3D Printing: Revolutionize

Here is a good article depicting the additive manufacturing landscape. What will you use it for?

“In the fashion industry designers are creating one off shoe designs for the catwalk by use of 3D printing.
Architects can use 3D to create one off 3D models and what about for prop design and manufacture? Imagine one was filming in a remote area, then take a 3D printer, the right ingredients and print on site. What if an intricate piece of technical kit breaks and a spare part is required urgently by the production crews. It will not be unfeasible to download the manufacturer’s software and print the part.” – Julian Wilkins, BluePencilSet

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3D Printing & Surgical Models

Video: A collaboration between Nottingham and Loughborough brings a major breakthrough in surgical training, via the production of models that replicate complex bodily structures with high precision.

Using data from CT or MRI scans, they employ an additive manufacturing (3-D printing) technique to create accurate ceramic models of the sinus. The models, which are relatively cheap, are so lifelike that training is hugely enhanced. Even rare disorders can be replicated.

FDM Helps Bell Helicopter Build Quality Prototypes

Experimenting with aerospace design does not have to be as costly and time consuming. Advancements in additive technology allow aerospace engineers to break through the limitations that traditional manufacturing processes have established over the years. Experts are now claiming that FDM techniques are essential in cutting down on post processing, designing better performing parts, and reducing costs and development time.

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3D-printed model airplanes are taking off

Imagine being able to 3D print your own functioning vehicle. Now, imagine if that vehicle could fly you across the country, across the world perhaps. The first steps to being able to print your own airplane have been taken by aerospace hobbyists using an Object Connex500 3D printer. Although the airplane is just a model with a 120cm wing span, this particular application has opened doors for the rest of the industry. We now have the tools to manifest from our imagination directly, what comes next will be a quantum leap in aerospace manufacturing and design, all thanks to RapidMade.

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More Jobs, More Industry, More 3D Printing!

Exciting news in the 3D printing world! With high growth in the 3D printing industry expected, more opportunity for business arises, and more jobs will become available. Resistance to the revolution is futile!

“Additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing, is expected to become a $3.7 billion global industry by 2015, more than doubling its current $1.7 billion value, according to Wohlers Associates, an independent consulting firm. Industry growth is expected to surpass $6.5 billion by 2019.” Dave Larson – Staff Writer for Dayton Daily News

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Government + 3D Printing

The government seems to believe in 3D printing. I personally don’t think the technology will be doing anything but growing in the near future.

“The agency seeks to launch a $60 million 3D printing research and educational program, documents show. Defense expects to fund $30 million from fiscal 2012 through 2014. The bulk of the funding — $18.8 billion — is expected to be forked over in fiscal 2012. The 3D printing program will offer a proof of concept on how to build a network of 14 institutes to spur ideas on improving domestic manufacturing, as part of a $1 billion White House initiative called the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. The program will be managed by various federal agencies, including Defense, the Energy Department, and the National Science Foundation.” – Even the Government Wants in on the 3D Printing Craze – NextGov

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