Government + 3D Printing

The government seems to believe in 3D printing. I personally don’t think the technology will be doing anything but growing in the near future.

“The agency seeks to launch a $60 million 3D printing research and educational program, documents show. Defense expects to fund $30 million from fiscal 2012 through 2014. The bulk of the funding — $18.8 billion — is expected to be forked over in fiscal 2012. The 3D printing program will offer a proof of concept on how to build a network of 14 institutes to spur ideas on improving domestic manufacturing, as part of a $1 billion White House initiative called the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. The program will be managed by various federal agencies, including Defense, the Energy Department, and the National Science Foundation.” – Even the Government Wants in on the 3D Printing Craze – NextGov


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