Democratize Creativity

3D Printing is not only a viable tool to prototyping, part replacement, and heavy hitters in the business world. It’s now becoming something that ANYONE with a creative idea can utilize to make their dream a reality.

3D Printed: Guitars, Sculptures, Toys, Parts, Mashed Potatoes?!, Chocolate, etc…

Check it out HERE!

Photo Courtesy of: Jaymi Heimbuch


2 thoughts on “Democratize Creativity

  1. 3D Printing is going to revolutionize the world of producing products both in terms of freedom to design by putting the tools to make into everyone’s hand but also in a new paradigm of where products are made and delivered to the consumer.

    • rapidmade says:

      Absolutely. Thank you for your comment. We are seeing a slow shift where 3D printing machines are starting to be a household item for many professionals that own small businesses that need one off parts. We truly live in an exciting time!

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