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Wow, A 3D Printer that makes Burritos.

Who thought that there would ever be a machine that plopped a steamy hot burrito right onto your lap within minuets? Just the thought of having a printer that could deliver on-demand Mexican food makes me salivate. Although some of the ingredients such as meat and rice will have to be liquefied into a fine paste (yum!), other softer ingredients like salsa and guacamole will come out of the tubes just fine. This process might not seem appetizing to some people but for those that truly appreciate this technology it will taste absolutely amazing, like the taste of a technological quantum leap; victory!

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Print your way to your ideal burrito

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Additive Manufacturing Drives Production of Race Ready Cars

A Formula-1 pit stop should take no longer than 12 seconds, anything beyond that time frame will result in distance lost to eager competitors. This extreme time constraint and pressure is not only experienced by the pit stop crew but by product development teams in the racing industry (although they get more than 12 seconds to produce a functioning product). Auto race teams face the tightest product development schedules of any business. During race season, teams often have just a few days to fix a problem identified in the previous race. They need to create a new design, 3D print a prototype, validate its performance, fabricate a part, and install in on the car in time to be shipped to the next weekend’s race. It is no surprise that race teams are leading the way in the use of direct digital manufacturing (DDM) to produce parts for racing vehicles.

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File:Fale F1 Monza 2004 73.jpg

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Printing Pizza?!

If only the Ninja Turtles had this printer, it would quell their infinite hunger for pizza! Cornell University scientists are developing a 3D food printer, which uses raw food ”inks” that are fed into the printer and once you load the recipe and press the button, voila! Much like 3D printing used for manufacturing final parts, an electronic blueprint states exactly what materials go where and are drawn up using traditional engineering computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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Yoda helps explain the latest technology innovation

The force is strong with this technology… Although 3D printing is still in its infancy stage, the rate that it is evolving is astounding. At first, 3D printing was used for rapid prototyping in design visualization and development. The technology has arrived to the point where it can now be used for final part production, printing circuitry, and even artificial bone structures. This article illustrates the detail and intricate geometries that are possible with this technology, and it is getting better everyday. Almost every industry can benefit from additive manufacturing in one way or another. Experts are constantly discovering new applications such as printing “smart” wings for UAVs, printing organs and prosthetic limbs, and of course printing Yoda figures (my favorite)!

Check out the full article and video here!

All finished: And so Yoda is complete, down to the smallest details of his little green head

Thanks Yoda, you are very wise!

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3D printing assists in Belgium’s first full-face transplant!

A 65-strong medical team at Ghent University Hospital, headed by Phillip Blondeel, performed Belgium’s first full-face transplant. This was the world’s nineteenth face transplant, but it was the first time that the procedure was planned digitally. Engineers used a model from a CT scan to examine the patient’s defects so they could 3D print anatomically correct models of what healthy bones in the patients’s face should look like. The printed “guides” were then used as a reference during the surgery, sitting on the donor’s face so the surgeon knew exactly where to cut.

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full face 3d repair

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Vice-President Joe Biden shares his vision for the future

Vice President Joe Biden gave the commencement speech at the Cypress Bay High School in Florida for the graduating class of 2012. He shared his vision for the future and placed an emphasis on the medical advantages of additive manufacturing.

“Imagine a day, when in your, doctors are able to regenerate entire body parts and limbs that have been damaged and lost, not only saving tens of thousands of lives, but restoring the thousands of our Iraq and Afghan veterans coming back in need of prostheses, so they will be able to live a full and ambulatory life.”

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Do you like to rock?

Additive manufacturing has found traction in practically every industry today, including music! We all love seeing rock stars decked out in make up and flashy clothes while they deliver a heavy dosage of ROCK to the crowds that bow down to them. Additive manufacturing is now contributing to that attractive glamour that keeps us coming back to support our favorite rock stars. Guitar bodies are being printed to look like spider webs and butterflies… Who doesn’t like spider web and butterfly guitars? Not only does it save on material but it is faster to manufacture and the design potential is almost limitless! These guitars are the perfect pieces of art, they look amazing and in the right hands they sound amazing.

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Do you love Minecraft?

If you love Minecraft, the sandbox indie video game, then you will definitely love Mineways. The Mineways program lets you interactively select a model from a Minecraft world map and have a 3D printing service make the model real. You don’t need your own 3D printer, all you have to do is to upload your file and wait for your model to arrive! Imagine seeing that complex structure you spent hours (maybe days) creating in the cyberspace realm be brought into real life! 3D printing technology has found a lot of traction in the video game industry, such as printing World of Warcraft character models for dedicated fans. If you have a nerdy friend that you want to surprise, get a hold of something they spent days building in cyberspace and make it tangible for them! Best friend ever!

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Printing in Gold?!

EOS, a leader in additive manufacturing technology based out of the UK, along with Cookson Precious Metals have developed precious metal-based applications for the jewelry industry. The ability to print in 18 carat yellow gold will allow designers to overcome the limitations and design restrictions that traditional manufacturing techniques impose. The complex geometries that are possible with printing will challenge designers to create new and intricate jewelry that has never been seen before. This is truly a paradigm shift in product design and manufacturing.

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