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Google’s 3D Pasta Printer

We know that 3D printing is already emerging in the food industry as a creative tool to make certain foods aesthetically unique. According to an interview with Bernard Faucher, Google Chef, the industry giant owns a 3D printer that produces pasta according to employee preference. This seems very likely as pasta can be easily extruded into a variety of appetizing shapes, perhaps multiple layers of ravioli to fit 4 different sauces into the cavity?? This seems too good to be true for you pasta lovers out there!
Faucher says, “When I cook with it, my food has a distinct and customized shape”. 
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9 Ways 3D Printing Will Change the World

Do you remember when StarTrek or The Jetsons aired? Both shows seemed to have accurately predicted the way technology has advanced in the past decade with their replicator machines. Although this emerging form of technology is widely recognized as a way to produce mass amounts of prototypes and other forms of commerce, it’s potential reaches further than that. 3D printing is becoming a crucial part of manufacturing advanced systems and replacement parts for almost every industry.

1). Medical Industry

2). Advances in Research

3). Product Prototyping

4). Historic Preservation

5). AEC

6). Advanced Manufacturing

7). Food Industries

8). Automotive

9). Jewelry/Accessories

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3D Printed Steaks…. Coming Soon?

We have seen 3D printed burritos, human tissue and bone, and other oddities that push the envelope of our imagination coming out of 3D printers. Perhaps it is time to take food printing to the next level.  A start-up wants to create 3D printed meat to fill the human craving for animal protein without continuing to take an environmental toll on the planet. According to Cnet, billionaire Peter Thiel is directing between $250,000 to $350,000 from his philanthropic foundation toward Missouri-based Modern Meadow to create the bio-printed meat. The company hopes to use the same technologies developed to create medical-grade tissues to bring food to the world’s dinner tables (or barbecues).

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The End of Chinese Manufacturing and Rebirth of U.S. Industry

We are beginning to see a push towards bringing American manufacturing back on American soil. There are a number of emerging technologies that are championing this movement such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, and nanotechnology. These have been moving slowly so far, but are now beginning to advance exponentially just as computing does. When the ruling corporations like Apple, Boeing, Caterpillar, and General Electric begin to bring their manufacturing back to America perhaps we will witness a domino effect that will bring family wage jobs back home where they should be.

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Wow, A 3D Printer that makes Burritos.

Who thought that there would ever be a machine that plopped a steamy hot burrito right onto your lap within minuets? Just the thought of having a printer that could deliver on-demand Mexican food makes me salivate. Although some of the ingredients such as meat and rice will have to be liquefied into a fine paste (yum!), other softer ingredients like salsa and guacamole will come out of the tubes just fine. This process might not seem appetizing to some people but for those that truly appreciate this technology it will taste absolutely amazing, like the taste of a technological quantum leap; victory!

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Print your way to your ideal burrito

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Printing Pizza?!

If only the Ninja Turtles had this printer, it would quell their infinite hunger for pizza! Cornell University scientists are developing a 3D food printer, which uses raw food ”inks” that are fed into the printer and once you load the recipe and press the button, voila! Much like 3D printing used for manufacturing final parts, an electronic blueprint states exactly what materials go where and are drawn up using traditional engineering computer-aided design (CAD) software.

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