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Yoda helps explain the latest technology innovation

The force is strong with this technology… Although 3D printing is still in its infancy stage, the rate that it is evolving is astounding. At first, 3D printing was used for rapid prototyping in design visualization and development. The technology has arrived to the point where it can now be used for final part production, printing circuitry, and even artificial bone structures. This article illustrates the detail and intricate geometries that are possible with this technology, and it is getting better everyday. Almost every industry can benefit from additive manufacturing in one way or another. Experts are constantly discovering new applications such as printing “smart” wings for UAVs, printing organs and prosthetic limbs, and of course printing Yoda figures (my favorite)!

Check out the full article and video here!

All finished: And so Yoda is complete, down to the smallest details of his little green head

Thanks Yoda, you are very wise!

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Do you like to rock?

Additive manufacturing has found traction in practically every industry today, including music! We all love seeing rock stars decked out in make up and flashy clothes while they deliver a heavy dosage of ROCK to the crowds that bow down to them. Additive manufacturing is now contributing to that attractive glamour that keeps us coming back to support our favorite rock stars. Guitar bodies are being printed to look like spider webs and butterflies… Who doesn’t like spider web and butterfly guitars? Not only does it save on material but it is faster to manufacture and the design potential is almost limitless! These guitars are the perfect pieces of art, they look amazing and in the right hands they sound amazing.

Check out the full article here!

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