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3D Laser Scanner Phone App

I have not checked out the accuracy of a scanner like this, but compared to the multiple thousand dollar price point of most 3D scanners out there, this could make many more reverse engineer-to-print jobs economical where upfront scanning costs ruined the profitability of the product.

Click here to read more about the 3D laser scanner with the 10”x10”x4” scan volume and only requires a tripod and lazy susan.

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Bionic Beak for Eagle?!?

This is a truly beautiful story about how advancements in technology help the little critters we share our planet with. In 2007, an Alaskan bald eagle named Beauty was shot in the face and she lost her top beak. Beaks are essential for preening feathers and feeding, she was found nearly dead when she was rescued by Jane Fink Cantwell, a bird conservationist near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. When mechanical engineer Nate Calvin heard about Beauty’s tragedy, he wanted to help. He proposed to create a prosthetic beak for her. 18 months after he began, he made a prototype using nylon-based polymer with the help of 3D scanning and Stereolithography technology, a most common rapid prototyping procedure.

Read the full article here!

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3D Printing in the Medical World

In early February there was a ton of buzz surrounding an 83-year old woman in the Netherlands receiving the first ever 3D printed titanium jaw transplant. The role of additive manufacturing and digital fabrication in the medical device and healthcare industry is growing rapidly, due to the growing opportunities for its application. In the world of medicine, 3D printing is being used to create customized devices such as hearing aids, orthopedic implants, and dental implants, in addition to creating visual models and surgical guides that helps doctors and surgeons to better analyze and treat patients. Check out the following article: “3D printing in medicine: What is happening right now in patients.”

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