3D Laser Scanner Phone App

I have not checked out the accuracy of a scanner like this, but compared to the multiple thousand dollar price point of most 3D scanners out there, this could make many more reverse engineer-to-print jobs economical where upfront scanning costs ruined the profitability of the product.

Click here to read more about the 3D laser scanner with the 10”x10”x4” scan volume and only requires a tripod and lazy susan.

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Wind Powered 3D Printed Lamp

The Air Turbine Light is a 3D printed lamp (designed by Margot Krasojevic) that is able to power itself using wind energy. The lamp is made from a lightweight, yet sturdy, ceramic material and features LED lights powered by the spinning of wire coils past magnets in the core of the lamp. Read more about the development and design of the Air Turbine Light via Archello.

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What do recycling refrigerators, making furniture, and 3D printing all have in common? Much more than you’d think…

Dirk Vander Kooij, a 28-year old artist, is a modern visionary. Combining aspects of the current era- 3D printing, recycling of industrial materials, and modern art/design- seems to be his forte. After transforming a Chinese industrial robot into a 3D printer that prints using discarded refrigerator material, Kooij began printing furniture that is now garnering attention, awards, and coveted spots at major European design exhibitions.

The furniture itself is characterized by thick lines of material that illustrate how the piece was fabricated. The printer can make a piece of furniture in a wide range of colors and designs in only a few hours. The process, according to Kooij, can create structures up to 40 times faster than traditional 3D printing and has the capacity to produce 4,000 chairs per year. In the process of creating “a chair that had straight lines, tight curves, and was actually comfortable to sit in,” Kooij made 54 prototypes that were continuously shredded and reused.

As for Kooij, he has been traveling Europe- winning the DMY Award Berlin & the Dutch Design Award, attending design exhibitions, and most recently showcasing his “Endless ” collection of furniture in the “The Future In The Making” exhibit at the Domus Academy in Milan.

To read more about Dirk Vander Kooij and his artistic creations, visit:

To learn about the 3D printing services that RapidMade offers, visit

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3D Printer Prints Itself An Upgrade

Check out this cool video in which a RepRap 3D printer prints a part for itself!

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